Concise CV can be found here.

Work experience

2021-present   Oracle, Senior member of technical staff
Zurich, Switzerland
After my PhD, I knew I wanted to stay focused on core cloud technologies. Thus, I joined Oracle to help develop new data processing services within Oracle’s public cloud infrastructure. At Oracle, I am also thrilled to learn about all the technical and non-technical processes necessary for creating a successful cloud service that is reliable, scalable, and offers higher performance than the existing solutions on the market.

2019-2021   Multeex, Founder
Zurich, Switzerland
Remote work is here to stay, and I wanted to change the way we communicate while working remotely. The complexity of today’s communication tools leads to fewer important messages being exchanged among coworkers. This results in incomplete information propagation within the company, a large communication overhead, and the feeling of team disintegration. Together with my team, I used my technical knowledge about distributed and networked systems, as well as experience in working remotely and managing a remote team, to develop Multeex, a platform that makes communication immediate, low-effort, information-rich.

2016-2021   ETH, PhD candidate
Zurich, Switzerland
A life-changing experience. Besides learning a lot about all the layers of the software stack in a distributed setting, I was blessed with being surrounded by an excellent advisor, professors, and top students from all around the world who constantly challenged and motivated me to develop my abilities to their full potential.

2019   Microsoft Research, Research intern
Cambridge, UK
I joined MSR to expand my knowledge about physical cloud infrastructure and work on improving the current Data Center Interconnect (DCI). By being systematic in exploring the design space, analyzing various potential solutions analytically, and combining novel insights throughout the entire network stack, my effort resulted in an optical-circuit-switched network architecture that reduces the overall DCI cost by 7x compared to today’s solutions.

2018   VBNsoft, Co-founder
Novi Sad, Serbia
While being focused on research, I wanted to maintain my connection with the industry-oriented projects. That is why I decided to join a group of friends and start a software consulting firm. Although the company was doing well with ten employees at that moment, I had to leave it because the amount of effort it required together with my research was unsustainable. However, this experience was extremely valuable because there I learned how to establish business processes and manage other people.

2016   Ava, System designer
Novi Sad, Serbia
I love startups and building systems from scratch. I joined Ava, an early-stage startup, where I led the design and development of a real-time safety platform. Unfortunately, I had to leave, because I got a PhD position at a top university, and nobody should miss such opportunities.

2015   EPFL, Data science intern
Lausanne, Switzerland
I was never afraid of switching my field of work. Moreover, I actually love making a change to avoid stagnation. In 2015, I got an opportunity to work for a material science department, at EPFL. There I was focused on leveraging machine learning for the discovery and construction of new 2D materials. My key contribution here was designing an algorithm that can analytically extract and predict a 2D layer only by looking at a unit cell of a crystal.

2014-2016   FTN, Research and teaching assistant
Novi Sad, Serbia
In parallel to my efforts in the industry, I was working at my home university where I was doing research and teaching in the domain of databases, information systems, and domain-specific languages.

2014 - 2016   Challengero, Co-founder
Novi Sad, Serbia
Before joining Ava, I had my first successful startup failure. With a friend of mine I failed to attract a substantial number of users to our mobile-first video sharing platform, but I learned a lot about product development and entrepreneurship. Today I realized that we were trying to develop TikTok, but we were not aware of it at the time.

2015   DOOB Innovation Studio, ERP designer
Novi Sad, Serbia
In parallel to my studies, I was always looking for hands-on experience in the industry to expand my horizons. This is how I ended up as a part-time engineer at DOOB where I was engaged in designing and implementing an ERP solution.

2014   Huawei, Intern
Beijing-Shenzhen, China.
The end of my bachelor days was the time when I realized that I have to move to the international scene, which was not that simple from my home country. Hard work at university brought me an opportunity to get an internship at Huawei China and learn more about their software backend solutions for mobile carriers.

2014   Levi9, Data science intern
Novi Sad, Serbia.
Towards the end of my bachelor’s studies, I started moving from low-level system software to the application layer where I was interested in databases and data processing. Thus, as an intern, I worked on designing a data collection and processing system which identifies local influencers on social media.

2014   Rajak, ERP designer
Novi Sad, Serbia
At Rajak, I designed and implemented a web-based information system. Although the company is relatively small, I am particularly proud of this experience, because this was the first time I successfully develop a software product from scratch. This process included selling my software idea, talking to non-technical staff and understanding their requirements, and ultimately developing a piece of software that supports multiple business processes. This system is still in active use.

2012   RT-RK Institute for Computer Based Systems, Compiler developer
Novi Sad, Serbia
My first serious professional engagement. This is where I boosted my technical skills and knowledge on various topics by implementing architecture-dependent optimizations in a C compiler for the Coyote DSP architecture.

Skills and technologies

I use multiple programming languages on a daily basis:
C, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript
Throughout numerous project, I gained a lot of experience in the following areas:
Databases and data processing systems,large-sacel cloud applications, virtualization technologies, frontend and backend web technologies, Linux subsystems, microservice architectures and serverless computing


2016–2021 PhD, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland.
Cloud computing and networking; Systems Group, Advisor: Prof. Ankit Singla
At ETH, I have learned and perfected my most valuable skill - critical thinking. With it, I design and build systems with strong theoretical foundations that focus on improving cloud infrastructure in three dimensions: usability, performance, and cost. My work involves low-level and kernel programming, using and deploying programmable hardware like FPGA and P4 switches, machine learning training and deployment, creating system and workload simulators, designing novel algorithms and heuristics, and evaluating and analytically proving key system properties. My research has been published at SIGCOMM, NSDI, and SoCC.
PhD Thesis

2010–2015 Bachelor & Master, FTN, Novi Sad, Serbia, avg. grade 10.00 out of 10.
Electrical and computer engineering, Applied computer science
I started my journey in computer science by being interested in low-level software and embedded systems, and that was my focus during my bachelor’s studies. During my master’s studies, I was focused on databases, information systems, and supporting business processes in the digital world. My dedication was reflected in the average grade 10.0, which means I achieved a score higher than 95% on every single exam and was the only one in my class to do so.


I enjoy teaching. Here is a list of coursers I was involved in:

Computer Networks (link)
Advanced Computer Networks (link)
Future Internet (link)
Introduction to databases (link)
Advanced databases (link)
Software-aided business process modeling (link)
Object-oriented programming (link)
Compilers (link)
Programming languages and data structures (link)
Computer architecture (link)
Linear algebra (link)

I also enjoy working directly with the students. Here is a list of Bachelor's and Master's thesises that I was honored to supervise:

One Server to Host them all: Towards E cient Execution of Tiny Cloud Workloads - Damien A.
Making DDNNs Friendlier In The Data Center - Hanjing G.
Towards efficient scheduling of tiny cloud workloads - Elizaveta T.
Benchmarking Multi-Path Transport - Daniel M. (link)
Resolving resource contention on slack resources - Valentino F.
Workload identification in the cloud - Jonas M.
Single round trip web page delivery - Timon B.
Circuit switching for video streaming - Valentino F.
Scoring congestion control schemes - Jan U.


Englisch - Fluency in reading and writing
German - Verbal and written communication - I passed ”Göthe Institut” B2 Prüfung
Swiss German - Verbal understanding
Serbian - Native speake

Awards and scholarships

2016 Student of the year, FTN, Novi Sad, Serbia.
The average grade of 10.0 combined with other activities brought me the best student award among ~2000 students at my school.

2014 2015 Dositeja, Ministry of youth and sports, Belgrade, Serbia.
Dositeja is a award provided to top 500 students the entire country for their achievements at the end of their bachelor’s (2014) and master’s (2015) studies.

2011 2012 2013 2014 University and Faculty Excellence Award, UNS, Novi Sad, Serbia.
During my bachelor’s studies, I kept receiving excellence awards provided by both my school and the university and awarded to students who achieved exceptional results in a given year.

2013 2014 University and Hemofarm Foundation Scholarship, Serbia.
Throughout my entire education, I struggled financially. However, scholarships for exceptional students provided by my home university as well as the Hemofarm Foundation helped me in maintaining my complete focus on studying.

2006-2015 Privrednik Scholarship, Privrednik, Novi Sad, Serbia.
I want to express my sincere gratitude to the Privrednik Foundation. The foundation recognized my abilities and potential very early and supported my education in various ways continuously from the early days in my high school all to way to the end of master’s studies.