Information System Software Development with Support for Application Traceability

(master thesis) PROFES 2015 [ pdf ]

Vojislav Dukic, Ivan Luković, Matej Črepinšek, Tomaž Kosar, Marjan Mernik

Information systems are rapidly changing since new requirements are emerging frequently in business processes. When incorporating changes in the system you should not underestimate the usability and personal satisfaction of the user. There are many variables that influence the success of evolving an information system from the user’s viewpoint. In this paper we outline the problem of information system traceability, the ability of users to verify the history of information system and with that a possibility to check the differences between information system’s versions. Unfortunately, most of the systems support traceability only at the level of the document. The novel approach presented in this paper is integrated within WISL, using our information system generator, and supports versioning control inside information systems. WISL introduces application traceability at the level of information systems’ domain concepts which deliver versioning information to the users in a seamless manner.